2019 Conference




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All attendees must be registered and have an active TS//SCI clearance. Just having eligibility will not allow you to attend. You MUST be indoctrinated into SCI.

Submit your Visit Request via JPAS to SMO Code: 652363

FAX Subject Line and/or JPAS Additional Remarks MUST include “OLD CROWS”

Your SPAWAR Sponsor is: David Walman – Phone: 843.218.7381

For questions regarding SPAWAR facility access, contact Sara Taylor

Phone: (843) 218-6202; Fax: (843) 218-4045, Email: VisitorControl@navy.mil

For questions regarding TS//SCI eligibility, contact the SPAWAR Special Security Office (SSO):

Phone (843) 218-4003; Email: ssclant_sso.fcm@navy.mil

**SCI Visit Requests MUST come from the Government Agency that holds the individual’s clearance. SPAWAR SSO will NOT accept requests coming directly from a contractor security office.

**Agencies that do not use JPAS must send an M3 message to plain language address (PLA): NIWC ATLANTIC


If you have a government issued CAC or active/reserve/retired military ID you should be able to access the base by showing your appropriate identification card. If no CAC card or military ID you MUST complete Form 74 for base access. LAST DAY TO TURN IN FORM 74 IS 27 MAY. Please send the completed form along with a photo/photo (not a photocopy – they do not scan clearly) of your valid state driver’s license in an email to Dave Walman at david.walman@navy.mil


For attendees who do not complete and submit Form 74 by the deadline, you will not be authorized to attend the conference. All individuals that do not possess one of the above mentioned forms of ID, must be 100% vetted through the host installation. Escorting is not allowed.

JB CHS Form 74